The Miscarriage Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) aims to help women and those affected by miscarriage work together with professionals to agree which are the most important questions that still need to be answered by miscarriage research.

We hope this will help direct research and address existing gaps in understanding, for both women and those affected by miscarriage. The idea of a Miscarriage PSP was originally explored as part of a programme of patient led research in early pregnancy and reproduction (PREPARE) at the University of Nottingham. Working in partnership with the Miscarriage Association a Steering Group of key stakeholders was established and met in London for the first time in July 2015.

The Miscarriage PSP is a project involving a number of different individuals and organisations that aims to establish what miscarriage research topics are important for women and those affected by miscarriage as well as from professionals. Dr Matthew Prior from the University of Nottingham has coordinated a large number of patient and clinical organisations to come together to form the Miscarriage PSP with the support of the James Lind Alliance. This means that for the first time, people directly affected will get the chance to have their say in setting research priorities for miscarriage. We are particularly looking to hear from women who have been affected by miscarriage, and healthcare professionals.

The aim of the project is to prioritise the top ten research uncertainties in miscarriage. We hope that the results of the project will shape the miscarriage research agenda and act as a catalyst for more funding opportunities for research in this area.

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