Identifying the top research priorities for miscarriage

The Miscarriage Priority Setting Partnership for the first time brings together women who have experienced miscarriage, others affected by miscarriage and clinicians who care for them. Together we will develop priorities for future research.

  • Involving women and clinicians in partnership

    Our surveys will be open to women who have had a miscarriage, others affected by miscarriage, and health care professionals who care for them to ensure equal voice. The PSP steering group has both patient and clinician representation.

  • Partner organisations

    Our list of partner organisations includes professional organisations, charities and patient groups to ensure the widest possible representation.

  • Previous work and experience

    Our steering committee and partner organisations have experience of patient and professional consultation. We intend to use the results of these previous surveys – not to reinvent the wheel.

  • Tried and tested methodology

    The James Lind Alliance methodology has been used extensively for previous PSPs, and is well respected.

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